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Wiilman Bilya Trail

For the nature lovers and walkers, the Wiilman Bilya Trail will have you winding through magnificent Yarri, Marri, Jarrah forest and past granite outcrops, with some stunning views of the Wellington Dam back waters.

This 19.7km trail stretches from Wellington Dam north to the Coalfields Highway. Bush walkers can expect a full day walk in either direction, with the option to camp overnight at Nyingarn campsite or at Potters Gorge. The Nyingarn campsite is 3km in from the Coalfields Hwy end and has an undercover area, picnic tables, toilets and tent sites but no sleeping shelters. The maximum group size for this campsite is 25. Potters Gorge campsite is located at the Wellington Dam end of the trail and camp spots can be booked online at the park stay website. Drinking water can be found at both campsites, however it is required that you boil the water first.

The trail is marked with a symbol of a brown walking boot tread and is mounted on metal posts along the trail. The Wiilman Bilya trail is a moderately challenging trail that will have you walking over a series of bridges, logs, along farm fence lines, over the pipeline, through the forest, under tall trees (also under some mega tall grass trees that will exceed your height), over granite outcrops and up and down some sloping hills.

Photos – Kim Fawcett & TraaVerse

Finding the trail from the Wellington Dam end is quite easy. Make a turn onto the Wellington Dam Road turnoff (20km west of Collie) from Coalfields Hwy and follow right through to the Kiosk at the Dam. You will find plenty of parking for small and big vehicles. Here the trail will start from the car-park and will be marked with the brown boot symbol (the start of the trail is combined with part of the Sika trail, so watch for mountain bikes). Locating the other end of the trail that starts from Coalfields Hwy is a little more tricky. A gravel car-park can be found on the east side of the Hamilton bridge (roughly 10km west from Collie), however the trail starts on the west side of the Hamilton Bridge. To get to the beginning you will need to either cross the bridge along the edge of the road, or cross the dry river bed (during the warmer months this is usually possible), then you will find the first brown boot marker tucked a little bit back into the bush.

Interesting Facts about the Wiilman Bilya:

  • This trail is named after the traditional Noongar group (Wiilman) and the Noongar word for river (Bilya).
  • The word Nyingarn in Noongar means echidna.
  • Trail can take 5-7 hours approximately to walk one way.

Although this trail is beautiful to walk all year round, we suggest the best time of year is the August to November months. This is when the bush is lush green and alive with colour from all the wildflowers.

For maps and information, visit the Collie Visitor Centre at 156 Throssell Street, Collie.

Coalfields Hwy to Wellington Dam

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