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Currawong Pump Track

The Currawong Pump Track is located at the Potters Gorge Campsite in the Wellington National Park (20 min west of Collie) and is perfect for kids of all ages.

Its a great little track for the kids to learn on. There are two sections; one for the real little ones with the cutest little jumps and roll overs. The other one is for the older kids with a series of nice berms and some fast track to hone their skills on. It’s a great place to get the kids outdoors, testing their bike riding abilities and to have a really fun time.

Located close by is the day use area of Potters Gorge. A great place to light up one of the gas BBQs and cook up a feast while the kids do laps around the track on their bikes. However if your not into cooking yourself, just a short drive down the road from Potters Gorge, you will find the Kiosk at the Dam (open on weekends).


Wellington National Park, Potters Gorge

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