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Big Rock & Little Rock

Big Rock and Little Rock are stops 2 and 3 along Lennard Drive, just after the Rapids. These locations are quite similar to each other, with granite outcrops that line the river beds.

At Big Rock you will find the river has slowed a little and enters the river pools at a more civilized pace compared to the Rapids. The water pours over the huge granite floor which rises up out of the water and creates a perfect picnic spot along the banks. It features an inviting shaded picnic table and it really is something magic.

Heading down Lennard Drive to the next stop, you will find Little Rock. Starting off on a path from the small carpark, it will lead you to the picnic area and then onto the waters edge. The sloping granite banks are gentler and the water is far slower moving; pooling at the banks in a shallow section, then cascading over rocks into a deeper adjacent pool. It’s a fabulous spot to spend the afternoon cooling off and having a picnic. While you can find shade under some surrounding trees, the main area of granite and river are in full sun, so remember to pack that sunscreen.


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